Monday, April 6, 2015

What motivates you?

Hi TFG friends!!

I know it has been quite some time since you last heard from me (I know, my past 100 updates say the same thing). But strangely enough, I’ve had more requests for a new post in the past few weeks than I have had in the past few months! So I thought it was finally time to oblige. And coincidentally, I actually have lots to discuss, which means that I’m obviously going to spread it over multiple posts! Hooray for more updates.

(Vegetable crudités from True Food Kitchen - pretty and delicious!).

Just a heads up: my next few posts are going to focus less on recipes and more on fitness. But of course, there will be some delicious food pictures sandwiched in between! The reason for this is because I have shifted my focus away the crazy recipe development I used to do. As I had mentioned in a previous postdue to some digestive issues, my diet had to change quite a bit. I still experience these and it is a tricky job trying to figure out my complicated GI system! As a result, I repeat a lot of meals, so the blog will show less of my same old meals, but will instead show some more random snacks and food finds, and will definitely show more fitness related topics.

Speaking of random food finds…one of my favorite desserts at the moment is a large spoonful of almond butter sprinkled with chocolate chips. And then I found THIS!

So much excitement. Although it’s more chocolatey and less almond buttery but I really have no problem with more chocolate.

I get asked a lot of workout related questions, one of which is how I motivate myself to do so. I think embedding it into the day’s schedule makes it a bit easier, rather than trying to fit it in on the fly. That way, it becomes a routine. And if you have a workout plan, that makes it even better! The plan could be attending a fitness class, or planning on following a workout video online, or just running outside when the sun is still out.

I’m going to start again with something that I used to do – post my workouts from the past week. I plan to do this every Monday. I tend to switch up my workouts every single day (except for teaching days), so hopefully this will give you some motivation, or maybe some new ideas in case you are in a fitness rut!

Sunday – Teach Cycle class
Monday – This HIIT workout (I modified it to 45 sec ON/15 sec OFF and did the whole workout twice).
Tuesday – A spontaneous cardio and strength circuit:

5 minute warm-up
Cardio: Run 0.5 miles
Strength: 3 sets of 12-15 reps of the following:
  • Dumbbell rows
  • Biceps curls
  • Alternating lateral and front shoulder raises
  • Tricep extensions
Repeat cardio/strength portion
Cool down.

Wednesday – At-home barre workout, with these three KILLER videos focusing on just legs. Thigh quiver for days (but seriously, for an hour or so afterwards, legs were still shaking!).
Thursday – Teach Zumba (My favorite workout of the week!)
Friday – Upper body barbell strength training (chest, back, triceps, biceps, shoulders)
Saturday – Yoga class

(My nice friend took pictures during our yoga class and I was too focused to even notice).

It was a pretty tough week of workouts! But fun nonetheless. It’s nice to look forward to something different every day.

So talk to me! What are your current favorite workouts? Any new ideas to share? What motivates you to get your workout in each day?

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