Monday, August 5, 2013

The most important meal of the day.

Today's topic is breakfast.

It may not seem like an exciting topic, but it is. Because I have an announcement. After approximately two years of eating the exact same breakfast every day, I have decided to make a change. Who would have thought I would outgrow overnight oats?!

It just happened one day two weeks ago, when all I wanted for breakfast was some toast and sunflower seed butter. With a little drizzle of honey.

This week I have stepped it up and am adding bananas instead of the honey. Also quite delicious.

So during this strange time of breakfast transition, I was thinking about other quick breakfast ideas that could work for busy weekdays.

Eggs? Probably too much effort to cook in the morning, but that did not stop me from eating them for dinner a few nights last week!

Cereal is always an option, but a little too high maintenance for an on-the-go meal. I have decided to do a bit more research on breakfast ideas...clearly I am a rookie at this!

In other news, last week, I wrote down my workout schedule, not only for organization purposes, but also to keep me on track.

And guess what? It worked like a charm. In fact, I only strayed from it slightly. No yoga on Wednesday, Friday was Zumba, and Saturday was yoga. Rest day came on Sunday instead. I strongly believe in making lists, it really helps me feel more accountable.

So, opinions please, friends! What is your breakfast item of choice? Especially for those who are on-the-go breakfasters like myself?

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