Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Coffee 'n' thangs.

I felt like such an adult today.

I drank unflavored drip coffee with no milk. It was interesting. It really helped me pace myself. 

...But if you know me and my coffee habits, you know that I have no problems pacing myself. You see, coffee has the worst effects on me, including jitters, horrible stomach aches, and shaking internal organs. (Okay, the last one might be a slight exaggeration). A few months ago, I finally figured out the perfect amount of coffee that keeps me focused without the bad effects. The perfect amount is something like 1/4 of a small cup.

I wish I was joking.

But today, I had to drink the whole thing because I was given my hot coffee in a mug. And I didn't want to explain to the nice guy working at the coffee shop why I couldn't drink my coffee in the small mug he gave me. That's just awkward. (And no, it's not awkward explaining this to you guys. You already accept my quirks. Or so I like to think).

The reason I'm explaining this is because one of the other strange effects coffee has on me is that it makes me really hungry. So, while I was researching the effects of aerobic exercise on muscles, (I really really get to write a research paper on that for a class...really) my mind began to wander. I started thinking about cake. Chocolate cake. 


Fortunately, I had a box of chocolate cake mix. (Seriously, who am I?). Unfortunately, I had no eggs. Fortunately, I had some tofu.

The cake was made. [1/3 block tofu + 1/2 cup milk + 1/2 box cake mix + 1/8 cup oil]

I saved some of the batter and dipped some in melted chocolate chips to make something similar to Averie's cake batter truffles

I ate some of the regular cake and too many of these frozen batter bites. 

And then I realized I should probably eat some real food.

Being sick is the best excuse to eat whatever you feel like eating. Plus, this is another one of my gourmet-to-go meals!

Don't worry, I Tulika-fied it a little bit.

Mac 'n' cheese + frozen&thawed brussels sprouts and peas!
I wish the picture did more justice to the cheesiness of the mac 'n' cheese. It was cheesy. But it's okay, because Annie's is made of real cheese--not the fake stuff!

And now I am going to do some much needed yoga, courtesy of these Women's Health articles

If I haven't made my point yet, here it is! Eat what you want to eat. It's the normal thing to do. And it's okay to sometimes eat "unhealthy" as long as it's in moderation. And as long as you're exercising or being physically active in some form or another! //end public service announcement

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