Thursday, August 11, 2011

Piece o' Pizza.

Guess what?

I contribute recipes to Greatist now. And this week, my spinach pesto recipe is on there.

If you haven't seen my original post with that recipe, check this one out! Actually, either way, you should check it out. Because I took a way better picture this time :).

You're probably wondering what I did with that pesto, right? 

Pesto pizza! Best idea ever. 

I used the pizza dough from Fresh & Easy (one whole wheat, one regular) and made crispy pizzas topped with the spinach pesto + lots of veggies (olives/mushrooms/tomatoes/bell peppers) + feta cheese.

The pesto and feta combination is definitely a winner. 

So what're you waiting for? Go make this pesto. And then make a pizza. And then top it with feta.

I'd never steer you in the wrong direction! 

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