Saturday, February 19, 2011

This is for you guys.

I get comments like these all the time: 

"You are SO healthy. Don't you ever crave unhealthy food?"

"You must be in the best shape of your life."

"What's the fastest way to get a 6 pack, since you already have one?"

Just kidding about that last one.

But I do get comments like those first two frequently. Due to popular demand, I am letting you in on some of my food-related secrets. 

My only rule: don't judge. Okay. Let's get started.

I've mentioned my sweet tooth before, but I've never mentioned how big of a sweet tooth I possess.

S'mores cookies from Trader Joes. Microwave for ~5 seconds and the marshmallow inside explodes out.
Belgian chocolate-filled croissant.
Cream cheese swirled walnut fudge brownie. Made by me, gifted to a friend (after I enjoyed 1/4 of it). 
Homemade cream cheese frosting.
Red velvet cupcakes topped with homemade cream cheese frosting. Gifted to my sister, after enjoying a few for myself.
Need I even explain? I have chocolate stocked up at all times.
And not only do I enjoy my sweet treats, but also my salty unhealthy snacks every so often...

Fried green chilis dipped in ranch dressing.
So now you know my secret: I don't eat healthy all the time. But I do eat healthy most of the time, and make sure to enjoy the few unhealthy treats I do decide to eat. 

It's exciting to eat out once in awhile and order the fried appetizer, or go out for ice cream with friends to socialize. One unhealthy dish won't cancel out the rest of the healthy meals consumed during the day.

I hope this answers your questions. And now that this is out in the open, don't be surprised if you see more sweets in my posts!

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yayy sugar!!

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