Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Healthy on-the-go.

I promised you a recap of my adventures and here they are...but in TFG style!

I got the chance to go to Washington DC for several days last week. I hit up the main attractions of course but I was mostly interested in getting some good food, obviously. 

Unfortunately, it is difficult to travel with so many food restrictions, but fortunately, it forces me to get creative!

Exhibit A: my life saver for the long days I spent in training when I needed a quick and satisfying snack.

I love my nut butters in pretty much any form... So I ate them straight from the packet of course.

I also kept a box of nut thins and a few Lara bars in my purse at all times. Have I mentioned my appetite is a little out of control?

Luckily, salads are available in pretty much any restaurant so I was always able to get in my daily serving of vegetables! And sometimes the salads were even exciting:

This was a random assortment of already prepared veggies (including fried eggplant and pickled cauliflower!). The restaurant was similar to a Mediterranean-style Chipotle, so I made myself a delicious veggie bowl.

The star of the weekend was this beauty:

A gluten-free waffle sandwich!!! With mozzarella, tomato, and arugula. I can't even describe how happy I was to eat this.

Apart from the eating and training and sight-seeing I was also able to squeeze in a couple of quick workouts, including a hotel room HIIT. It took some extra motivation for me to workout while traveling but it was definitely worth it afterwards, plus I felt more like myself! 

What are your healthy on-the-go tips? I would love to hear them for the next time I travel!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015



I haven't abandoned you again, don't worry! I've been having lots of adventures lately (including the one I am on now, which is why I am posting this from my phone - apologies for the formatting! But that adventure will be a story for the next post). Let's do a recap of the food-related ones, shall we?

Fried tofu and some kind of delicious sauce (peanut maybe?) at a Malaysian restaurant.

REAL coconut water at the same Malaysian restaurant. So refreshing.

A pretty decent gluten-free and dairy-free frozen pizza found at a regular grocery store! 

Not the best picture, but a flourless chocolate cake for one that I spontaneously created! Ingredients included egg, cocoa powder, baking powder, brown sugar, almond flour, almond butter, and chocolate chips, topped with some coconut butter.

And of course we cannot forget the massive amounts of cheese consumed yesterday since it was Cinco de Mayo and all. But really, who needs an excuse to eat cheese in the form of queso?!

Let's segue to last week's workouts. Last week was nuts, as you will see below, as I taught much more than usual. But it makes life interesting!

Sunday - Teach Cycle
Monday - One hour stretch/yoga plus teach kickboxing
Tuesday - Total body barbell workout 
Wednesday - 21-minute HIIT! with the following exercises:
Tuck jumps
Plank jacks
Side to side hops
Squat jumps with floor touch
Mountain climbers
High knees
Thursday - Teach Zumba
Friday - rest day!
Saturday - Teach Zumba

Whew! So much cardio in so little time. What was your favorite workout this week? While I do love my Zumba, Monday's kickboxing class was such a blast!!