Sunday, February 26, 2012

Count the ways...

I apologize for leaving you in suspense for one week after that cliff-hanger in the last post. I'm sure you all were waiting (im)patiently on the edge of your seats for the conclusion of how I used that huge chunk of goat cheese I purchased.

Fortunately for you goat cheese lovers, I've been using it all week. Fortunately for me, I still have more than half of it left to finish! Let's count the ways the goat cheese has found its way in my meals this week:

1. Polenta.

I based this idea off of something I saw in Vegetarian Times magazine. The polenta I used was square shaped, because when I went to the store, the regular polenta was all out. (Strange...I didn't know it was that popular). So I ended up buying this:

(The box is misleading, because the polenta really is no different from the cylindrically packaged polenta. It's just in a square shaped box).

What I did for this dish: I sauteed green peppers, garlic, and mushrooms in olive oil (seasoned with salt/pepper) and transferred it to a baking dish. In a separate skillet, I cooked the polenta. Then I placed the polenta on the veggies, topped the polenta with goat cheese, and baked everything for about 15 minutes.

2. Eggs.

Can I just make a quick announcement? How come I was never informed that eggs could be cooked in a microwave? My life changed this week because I had a couple of my dinners come together in about 2 minutes with this microwaved egg trick. Above picture: tortilla + microwaved egg + salsa + goat cheese.

I attempted to make a spinach and bell pepper omelette with goat cheese. Apparently I was a little overzealous with the amount of veggies...because the egg did not all. So I had a nice plate of spinach, bell pepper, and goat cheese scrambled eggs! 

3. Pizza.

Sometime last week, the idea of goat cheese popped into my mind. I made it a reality today. Best decision ever. I found these awesome pre-made whole wheat pizza crusts:

I think this thin crust made all the was so crispy. The other toppings included spinach, olives, and mushrooms. (Still obsessed with spinach if it was not evident enough).

Since I still have lots of goat cheese left, tell me: what is your favorite way to incorporate goat cheese in your meals? Any recipes to share?

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