Sunday, February 19, 2012

The one with the phone pictures.

(TFG has been pretty bad about taking her camera around these days).

I have some good news! Remember when I posted about Vibrams? I got some good feedback regarding ways to eliminate the blister problem. One suggestion I was given was to put deodorant on my feet.

I tried it today, and it worked quite well! Half marathon, here I come? (Just kidding).

My post-run meal today consisted of this:

A gigantic veggie burger and sweet potato fries. This veggie burger contained not only veggies, but also almonds and hemp seeds! Anything with hemp seeds is a friend of mine.

In other news, I somehow almost went an entire week without photographing my lunch. I remembered on Friday, mid-consumption. Better late than never!

As un-photogenic as this looks, this concoction was tasty and filling. I used my pressure cooker to cook a combination of beans, and then added them to a skillet with olive oil, okra, and corn. Seasonings included salt, pepper, and garlic powder. I had some leftover TJ's wild rice blend which paired quite well with the bean combination.

I've been eating waffles way too often. The good news is that my waffle maker was not a wasted purchase. The bad news is that I'm eating too many waffles. But, they are whole wheat! So, I can't complain.

(And now that I've found this website, I'll be using my waffle maker even more!).

I've been sent some very interesting recipes in the past week, and unfortunately, the majority of them involve appliances I still do not possess, including a real blender. Yes, it's true... I have lived without a real blender/food processor for the past 6 months, which is why you haven't seen those good ol' pop'ums in so long. I foresee a blender purchase in the near future...

I was planning on sharing a recipe today but instead I'm going to leave you with a cliffhanger. Guess what I bought today for said recipe?

One can never, ever go wrong with goat cheese.

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