Sunday, May 20, 2012


I went to New Orleans 3 weeks ago (and am just now posting a re-cap...I know). I was very excited to try the food (obviously) as I'd never really tried Cajun food before. Unfortunately, what I realized is that there aren't a lot of vegetarian options since the options were predominantly seafood-based cuisine. Fortunately, the vegetarian food that was available was not only different from what I'm used to but quite tasty too!

Here's a quick review of some of the food I tried whilst in New Orleans:

Grilled cheese vegetable sandwich with a side of eggplant fries from The Red Fish Grill. All I have to say is that one cannot go wrong with breaded and fried eggplant. (Not a health food whatsoever, but delicious nonetheless).

Veggie po' boy from Frank's. This was basically a regular sub with a sort of olive mixture inside. I really liked it because it added a flavor different from the usual veggie sandwich. The downside of this sandwich was the massive pool of oil I found when I lifted the sandwich off the plate.

Beignets. These are French doughnuts, and I highly recommend trying them. Beignets are not as dense as regular doughnuts are, and are a lot smaller. They also come with a nice mountain of powdered sugar. The amount of sugar involved is definitely not humanly possible to consume.

A veggie omelette with a side of grits (and butter) at a cafe. This is a standard breakfast, but I found it interesting to have an omelette served with grits. This was my first time trying grits, and I liked it, minus the butter that it was cooked in. I don't understand how or why anyone would feel the need to include that extra butter packet?!

Bread pudding. I found this on every menu and wanted to try it to at least say that I did. For some reason, the image I had of bread pudding was not at all what it was in reality. In fact, the real version was more delicious than I ever would have imagined! It was actually very light, and only slightly sweet. And quite buttery.

Obviously, I felt the need to restart my metabolism after returning from this trip! But I like exploring and trying new cuisines, and this was a good opportunity to do so. Plus, I was inspired to make my own version of some of the dishes I tried...starting with beignets!

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