Sunday, June 3, 2012


HALT. Alert the media. 

Do you recall that for the past 8 or so months, I have been complaining that I do not own a food processor? And that I'd get one ASAP, but never actually did?

Well. My dreams came true last weekend when I received the best birthday gift ever.

The NINJA!!! 

I really am not a fan of regular blenders. This is because because the types of things I like to make seem to always seem to get stuck at the bottom of the blender and the blending doesn't end up being homogeneous. I like food processors because the container is wider and making, for example, hummus, is much easier. The ninja takes it a step up, and has not only one blade, but 3 blades, so that the top and middle portions of the container get blended as much as the bottom. Additionally, the motor is on the top rather than the bottom, which makes the clean up so much easier, since the motor can detach from the container/blade.  

Can you tell that I am already a huge fan of the Ninja? The first thing I made was black bean hummus. And the blending took about 5 seconds. And in those 5 seconds, I got the creamiest hummus of my life.

For this, I just combined 1 can black beans, 3 cloves garlic, juice of 1 lemon, a small handful of parsley (not chopped), 1 teaspoon tahini, salt, and pepper. 

I have been coming up with excuses to use this. Mango salsa, almond butter, more hummus... (and something else, but I will be posting that recipe at another time!).

Besides spending quality time with my Ninja, I've been going to Whole Foods a lot lately.

My latest stash included:

I had never tried flax milk, but I definitely enjoyed it. The lemon pepper tempeh was a winner; however, I didn't enjoy the spicy veggie tempeh as much. And of course, I love my coconut butter and kombucha.

But really, I can't get enough kombucha. Probably because the humidity is at 99.99% and it's such a refreshing beverage.

(And I'm really loving the ginger flavor).

Besides that, I have been attending to my workouts as usual. 

(Bright green shorts make working out that much more enjoyable).

The newest addition to my workout schedule has been the Nike Training Club app, which includes tons of timed workouts for cardio, toning, or strength purposes. The app also includes video and sound, with a narration that takes you through the entire 30 or 45 minute workout. The workouts are actually quite tough! I recommend giving it a whirl if you are in a workout rut.

And with that, have a great week!

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