Sunday, July 15, 2012

Pizzas and tacos.

This post is special...because it is the first time I am writing a post from my PHONE! Welcome to the year 2012.

Speaking of phones, there are some health/fitness apps I've discovered that are quite handy. There is one called Health Tips which includes one health tip per page, and it seems that you can scroll from page to page forever. It's a simple but informative app. Another favorite of mine is the Nike Training Club app which I have discussed previously. I also recently discovered that bodyrock has an app as well! The app also includes easily accessible home workouts. As for recipe ideas, the epicurious app is pretty convenient, but I must admit that I haven't used it all that much. Any other favorites that you recommend?

So yesterday, I had a pizza that was much different from the usual veggie pizza.

It was from a restaurant called Renee's Organic Oven, and it included black beans, olives, and cheddar baked on the crust and then topped with greens, salsa, jalapeƱos, and avocados. It was different but I liked the idea of the black beans as a sauce substitute. And it reminded me of a taco on a pizza.

Speaking of beans, have you tried these double bean burgers? I made them a couple of weeks ago, and not only were they super easy to make (especially with the help of my Ninja!) but they were very tasty. I ate mine atop greens...

And of course, topped with the creamy avocado sauce.

I changed the original recipe a bit, and blended together green yogurt, avocado, dill, and salt. After the success of this sauce, I've been coming up with all kinds creamy sauce ideas. Now to put them to use!

My plan for this week is to make refreshing salads to compliment the hot weather. Not just any salads, but unusual salads! Let's see how this turns out.

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