Monday, April 20, 2015

Veg Out!

Happy Monday!

This weekend was super packed with fun activities and I feel like I am not yet ready to tackle this week after all the excitement!

One such fun activity was something called Veggie Riot. It was right up my alley – a cooking competition featuring chefs from top restaurants in the area. The chefs were competing for the people’s choice award, which meant lots of delicious food samples. The best part was that the theme of the competition was veggies, and each chef was to showcase one particular vegetable in the dish. Seven out of eight of the dishes were vegetarian and gluten-free – it was amazing! There were also veggie-themed games, free samples of kombucha, and all-natural popsicles. Perfect for a humid day. 

To continue with the veggie theme, I prepared a gigantic quinoa salad for lunches this week. And when I say gigantic, I mean really gigantic.

It took 20 minutes, max. It contained the following: chopped cucumbers, tomatoes, and spinach, cooked quinoa, sliced olives, feta cheese, and banana peppers. I squeezed juice from half a lemon and sprinkled some salt and pepper for the dressing. Super easy, super healthy, and the best part is that it also tastes super delicious!

And the moment you’ve all been waiting for: last week’s workout schedule. Last week was absolutely insane, even by my standards. By Wednesday, my body was yelling at me to just calm down. Seriously.

Sunday - Teach Cycle 

Monday - Strength training for chest, back, and shoulders (12-15 reps for 6-7 sets per muscle group); teach Cycle

Tuesday - Strength training for biceps and triceps (12-15 reps for 5-6 sets per muscle group) plus an abs circuit; attend kickboxing class

Wednesday - Warm up: walk/run/walk for 10 minutes, followed by a 20 minute HIIT (45 seconds ON/15 seconds REST) with exercises such as wide squat jumps, lunge + one-legged hop, burpees, high knees, and mountain climbers. 

Thursday - Teach Zumba

Friday - Strength training day for legs (squats, pliƩ squats, dead lifts), back, and shoulders

Saturday - REST!

A coworker asked me why I exercise. I only do workouts that I enjoy, and as a result, it is actually just fun for me. I was definitely not trying to torture myself with double workouts...but this week will definitely be a different story!

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