Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Chocolate = the ROOT of all evil?

Since today was my last day of classes for the semester I decided to reward myself. Actually, I was just really hungry all day because I didn't eat enough oatmeal for breakfast.

I bought some chocolate chocolate chip bread this afternoon. It was SO GOOD. Somehow, I had a feeling that eating the whole piece was a bad idea, but I continued to eat it. Five minutes later, it was definitely a bad idea.

All I was craving after that nauseas feeling induced by abnormally large amounts of chocolate was some neutral tasting veggies. (And going along with winter root vegetable week, today's recipe includes sweet potato!)

I microwaved half of a large sweet potato for five minutes. While it was cooking, I sauteed some frozen spinach and corn in olive oil.

The sweet potato was so soft and easy to peel!

I diced it further and added it to the pot. I was going for a neutral but still somewhat spiced flavor. So I added some turmeric, salt, and pepper.

I ate this along with the collard greens salad I made over the weekend. Veggie overload!!! I realize I said I was going on a greens hiatus for awhile. Fail.

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Namaste gurl said...

Love how you say you're not satiated without oatmeal in your day-- definitely similar case for me, my friend! Not enough oats or grains in my day makes me one unhappy camper...

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