Saturday, December 4, 2010

An outrageous amount of greens + new videos!

I'm more excited about the three new videos I just uploaded to youtube than I am about the various kale/collard items I made today.

I have some really supportive friends. Alyssa and Nick graciously volunteered to be my "assistants" in my new kickboxing fitness videos! This video is the high impact punches and kicks section. 

This and two other videos are currently on youtube:

Check them out!

A couple of days ago, I mentioned I was going to make a huge batch of kale chips this weekend. I was feeling creative, so I made two flavors: salt & vinegar and spicy "cheese."

For the salt & vinegar flavor, I drizzled olive oil, rice vinegar, red wine vinegar, and salt onto a bowl full of kale. After mixing evenly, I placed it onto a baking pan and baked it for 15 minutes at 400F.

It definitely is a bad thing that I experiment with the oven sometimes. Because I don't check the progress of the baking every few minutes, I end up with burnt stuff.

I managed to take a picture of the few chips that weren't burnt.

I actually was looking forward to that flavor! I actually ended up eating a lot of the chips despite the state they were in.

Luckily, the spicy "cheese" chips came out well!

The "cheesy" sauce consisted of a couple of spoonfuls of SunButter, several spoonfuls of nutritional yeast, a drizzle of olive oil, and crushed red pepper. I mixed these in the food processor. Then I used a spoon/my hands to coat the chopped kale in the sauce. Keep in mind it was a very thin coating of this sauce--a little bit of flavor goes a long way.

Ugh, bad picture. But the only picture I have of the sauce. 

I checked the oven often while this batch baked.

The chips actually tasted cheesy and spicy! The SunButter and nutritional yeast combo is definitely a keeper.

Notice how little of the sauce is on the chips!

I still had a little predicament regarding my ridiculous amount of kale and collard greens. Even though I made two batches of kale chips, I had a bowl full of kale and an entire bundle of collard greens left to use. I decided to make kale fritters.

I mixed two eggs, some 2% grated cheese, pepper, and oregano in a bowl.

I threw the whole bowl of kale into this mixture and then proceeded to empty the entire bowl on a greased skillet.

I don't really know what I expected to happen, but I definitely didn't expect an omelette to happen.

Oh well, as long as it tastes good. That's all that matters.

By this time, I just wanted a quick way to prepare the collards. What's an easier way than salad?

A massaged collard greens salad. (I've been hearing the word "massaged" describing salads too often lately. Why can't I use it too?)

I proceeded to complete the salad with the only other two fresh veggies I had: tomatoes and red bell peppers. Dressed in balsamic vinaigrette, lemon juice, and black pepper.

I think I'm going to go on a greens hiatus for a little bit.


Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying reading your blog. I'm a vegetarian too. Looks like you have one more delicious use for nutritional yeast.

Tulika said...

Glad you're enjoying it--thanks for stopping by :) I've only recently begun to use nutritional yeast and really like it so far!

mikesaure said...

Loved your Turbo Kick video. Do you teach at school?

Tulika said...

Thank you! Yup, I teach at the campus rec center and love it!

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