Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Okay, I realize, two posts in one day is excessive. But I HAD to share my latest creation. And also because... it's EGGPLANT WEEK!!!

I usually hate using pre-made sauces, because it's so much more satisfying to make your own. And you can control what you put in it. But today I had to make an exception. I made the mistake of enduring two consecutive hours of fitness classes: one hour of Muscle Pump and one hour of Turbokick. Okay, Muscle Pump is insane. All I have to say is that my upper arm flab better disappear ASAP after that class.

Needless to say, all I wanted to do was eat quickly when I got home. Luckily, I had already cut the veggies beforehand (a good tip my roomie taught me!). So to make it even quicker, I decided to use this handy little Indian sauce packet. (Available at Sprouts or Sunflower Market).

I sauteed some eggplant, green bell peppers, and garlic in a little bit of oil. (Good tip: if you're putting in oil beforehand, make sure it's NOT olive oil, because it burns quickly! If you do want to use olive oil, add the veggies first, and then the olive oil). I also added Seitan, or wheat gluten. It's a really good source of protein for vegetarians who want to stray away from eating too much soy. It looks a lot like the Morningstar chicken strips and kind of tastes like it too.

Then I added the sauce, let it simmer for a bit, and done!!!

I ate with it brown rice couscous (highly recommend!), nonfat greek yogurt, and a side of lemon pickle. What? I have to make the Indian meal complete!



Rina Parmeshwar said...

i love eggplant! i've just been grilling eggplant on my george foreman grill but i think i've been inpsired to try to make your eggplant indian dish :)

p.s. love the blog. can't wait to see more of your fitness gourmet creations

Tulika said...

rina!! thanks so much. grilled eggplant is a really good idea...i'll have to try that sometime. :)

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