Thursday, September 23, 2010

PB&J...or AB&D?

I've missed out on the good ol' peanut butter and jelly sandwich for my entire life. I am one of "those" who is allergic to peanuts. Everyone in elementary and middle school always brought PB&J for lunch, and instead, I had my sad little cheese and mayo sandwich.

A couple of weeks ago, I was reading some health-related article that mentioned almond butter. I was intrigued, and promptly forgot about it. This weekend, I was at Trader Joe's (BEST STORE EVER) looking for walnuts in the wrong aisle and came across some jars of almond butter. I was intrigued yet again, so without a second thought, I picked it up. 

Best purchase ever.

As soon as I purchased it, I wondered how I was going to use it. I don't really buy jelly (seeing as I have no use for it as explained above). The first thing I did was slather it on some grapes. That was a bit awkward, and I would not recommend it.

Then, as I was falling asleep one night, I came up with a GENIUS idea. Almond butter and date syrup sandwich. YES. Date syrup is delicious, healthy, 100% natural, and a great substitute for sugar, maple syrup, and pretty much anything that contains artificial sugars. 

Almond butter and date syrup on Orowheat Sandwich Thins. (Highly recommend- fewer carbs, and you can actually taste the inside of your sandwich instead of a mouthful of bread!)

DELICIOUS. I'm even debating switching from the veggie burger (pfft, that is sooo last week!) to the AB&D sandwich for lunch. It is that good.

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