Saturday, April 2, 2011

Fit is back.

It's been a week. A very, very eventful week.

Hence why it's been awhile since I've written. I'm pretty sure people aren't fans of blog writers in bad moods. :)

Check out my newest form of transportation:

I am so excited to ride a bike! Now whether I like it or not, I'll be getting a built-in workout everyday. The fitness gourmet is back! It's been awhile since I've really worked out, and the 6 pack has been slowly disappearing right before my eyes!! Seriously.

I was really short on time during the past couple of days so I made some super simple, super healthy meals. I've found that the best way to keep full for a long time is to incorporate as many food groups as possible (ie: whole grain, protein, veggies) into one meal. 

Oh, and I was running out of hummus so I made some. Remember the time I bought jalapeno cilantro hummus? I decided to recreate it. 

It took 5 minutes.

Jalapeno Cilantro Hummus

  • 1 can garbanzo beans
  • 1 cup chopped cilantro
  • 1/2 jalapeno (or more depending on heat level!)
  • 4 cloves garlic
  • 1 teaspoon tahini
  • 2 1/2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon lemon juice
  • salt to taste

Prepare food processor with garbanzo beans, garlic, tahini, and 1 tablespoon olive oil.

Blend until it forms a rough paste, and then add cilantro, jalapeno, lemon juice, and the rest of the olive oil.

Blend until smooth. Add salt and more olive oil/lemon juice if necessary and blend again. 

This really reminded me of chutney. Pretty awesome if you ask me!

I used it in one of my super quick&healthy meals:

Brown rice + sauteed mushrooms/corn topped with jalapeno cilantro hummus
Hummus and rice is a surprisingly delicious combination. 

Another quick&healthy:

1 egg spinach and cheese omelette with salsa + black bean dip + jalapeno cilantro hummus + brown rice 
Brown rice and hummus again! This meal was really, really dense. And it kept me full for a ridiculous amount of time. 

And sometimes, I just like cheese:

TJ's tortellini + assorted frozen veggies sauteed with olive oil and cheese
I've lost track of the themed weeks. Any suggestions for a theme? Or perhaps any recipe suggestions? If you haven't noticed, I really like your ideas. Send them my way!!


Anonymous said...

Cucumber week??

Tulika said...

Ooh good one! Thanks!!

Sheila said...

hope you're feeling better!! let me know if you need anything!

avocado week? or maybe tropical foods week?

Tulika said...

Thanks Sheila :). I think I'm going to steal your idea and do avocado week. (Tropical foods week...interesting!! I'll have to do some research on that one heh).

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