Thursday, April 28, 2011

The "H" word.

Let's talk hummus.

...Starting with the stash I currently possess. (Plus some bean dip courtesy of my mom, but bean dip is pretty much synonymous with hummus).

Hummus is so good. It's good tasting, good for you, good for dipping, good for topping, good for spreading. It's just good all around.

Need some ideas on how to use up that tub of hummus sitting in your fridge? Never fear.

I have enough ideas to go around!

Shall we begin?

1. Sandwich spread.

My favorite lunch item: hummus, cheese, and spinach sandwich. Hummus + cheese = delicious. With the combination of those three ingredients, we have leafy greens, legumes, dairy, and tastiness all wrapped up in one convenient and portable meal.

2. Meal topper.

Pack some punch (in the form of flavor and protein!) into your carb-based meals. Rice goes oddly well with hummus. So does beet barley risotto!

3. Carrot dipper.

You probably already know by now that one of my favorite snacks is carrots and hummus. 

Continuing on with the dip trend...

4. Cracker dipper.

Those good ol' pita chips sometimes make us forget that there are other crunchy snacks that can be eaten with hummus!

And along those same lines...

5. Indian snack dipper!

At first glance, I realize this seems like a ridiculous idea. Said snack is basically spicy dough fried to crunchy perfection. But... salty anything + hummus = winner.

6. Tortilla spread/topper/dipper.

Some salsa on the side doesn't hurt, either. This could also be eaten in wrap form. I chose the tear-and-dip option for the above picture!

What are your favorite ways to enjoy hummus? Fill me in on your craziest ideas! (Seriously, because you've already seen my hummus stash I need to get through!).


Sheila said...

mixed with almond milk, a touch of nutritional yeast, and poured over spaghetti squash! heh its oddly alfredo-like

Tulika said...

Oh my gosh, this is an AMAZING idea!! With all my favorite ingredients too!!!

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