Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Thoughts of the day.

***Exciting news: I was mentioned in the SunButter blog once again! Check it out here.***

I apologize in advance if you came here hoping not to hear about my day. I also apologize in advance for being unnecessarily dramatic. :)

Let us commence.

1. The weather forecast should really be more accurate in predicting weather outcomes. Just saying.

2. I was planning on going to the rec today for the first time in over two weeks, but the weather did not permit. No, this was not a convenient excuse to escape working out. In fact, it was quite inconvenient. I even wore tennis shoes to class!

3. I got this afternoon energy boost in preparation for my aforementioned workout.

Plain yogurt + soy milk + cherries + blueberries + mangoes
4. The above picture is proof that there are healthy eating options on campus! Smoothies are tricky, though. Holla at me if you have any questions about that.

5. Oh, and I actually ordered a small smoothie but received a large. Cool.

6. I still really wanted to exercise. Enter at-home workout: BodyRock. I did this 12-minute workout and substituted various planks for the chin ups and dips. Don't think 12 minutes is enough to work up a sweat? I dare you to try it.

7. Cooked carrots > raw carrots.

8. Well, raw carrots + hummus is still one of the best snacks.

9. More avocados coming at you tomorrow.

10. If anyone is going to Calorie KO tomorrow, let me know. I've forgotten what it's like to do group fitness.

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