Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Productive Wednesday.

These days, if I have a super productive day, I feel the need to reward myself by lying on the couch and watching tv.

And I'm not nearly as productive on these "super productive days" as I was back in the day when I went to school three months ago.

Oh, life.

Well whatever. Besides the fact that I was going to workout today and didn't, at least I am blogging now! And I made a healthy-ish snack today! Yay productivity.

Did you know that corn is 5 for $1 at Food City? That place is just ridiculous.

I obviously bought 5. But since today I was too lazy to do anything fancy to it, I just boiled the corn,

and added really simple (but delicious!) flavors.

Feta cheese + black pepper:


+ parsley + black pepper:

I didn't try the feta cheese/pepper version but my mom was a fan! I ate the butter/parsley/pepper flavored corn, and liked it so much, that I ate another. At least I got my day's worth of insoluble fiber?


So...I'm going to go and watch the rest of America's Got Talent. I voted last night, and so far, I am two for two on acts that are moving on!

And since I really like your opinion on things, help me out with something! What is your favorite low-impact workout? Any ideas are much appreciated. My knee needs a break from aerobics (besides teaching of course!).

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