Sunday, April 8, 2012

Remember the time...

I will never, ever take for granted the ability to eat ever again.

Remember the time I had strep? Well, once I began recovering, I came down with something else. Or it could have been a continuation. Who knows. Either way, the second time around, I was unable to swallow anything that was not frozen and pureed to a complete smoothness.

That eliminates a lot of my favorite foods.

And I couldn't even eat soup. (Strange, I know).

And then my mom came up with the ingenious idea of trying to eat baby food. Can I just give some credit to the makers of baby food? The stuff is not only delicious, but is 100% made of natural ingredients. Huge fan! And not ashamed of it, obviously. Oh, and I was able to eat it with no problems whatsoever. The only issue I had was that the jars are way too small for a normal-sized human being. Details.

Because I have been consuming these types of foods, no pictures have been taken all week. I could have taken pictures of the jars and jars of baby food I consumed but...who likes to see that? Not I.

Last week, I had prepared my lunches and dinners and was oh so proud of it as usual. Unfortunately, very little of it was able to be eaten, so the lunches were frozen and the dinners, well...the produce went bad. I had planned to eat quinoa salad for dinner last week.

The salad includes cooked quinoa, spinach, thawed frozen corn and frozen peas, cucumber, cilantro, and avocado. I used lemon juice and salt as a simple dressing.

Luckily quinoa does not go bad for awhile (or so I think?) and I easily replenished the veggies I had planned to go alongside it. So lunches and dinners for this week = ready! And hopefully I can remain illness-free for more than 1 day this week. Wish me luck!

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