Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The tROOTh will set you free.

Today, I found out some exciting news. Elizabeth who blogs for SunButter mentioned my blog in her latest post. Check it out!

And if you don't know what SunButter is, that is even more of a reason to check out the website! It's a really good substitute for peanut butter if you are allergic like I am.

Let us continue with root week. Unfortunately, this week will be ending a few days short. (Stay tuned for the surprise explanation)!

It is impossible to feature winter root vegetables and not include a day of roasting them.

One turnip and one rutabaga, sliced thinly. 

As a coating, I used olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic&herb seasoning, and nutmeg. And mixed evenly.

Pre-mixing evenly.

I baked these for ~15 minutes on each side at 350F. 

Taste-wise, turnips are slightly bitter, and rutabagas are similar to sweet potatoes. 

Along with these roasted veggies, I obviously needed some form of grain! 

I made a garlic lemon quinoa by cooking red quinoa and then adding chopped garlic and a generous splash of lemon juice. 

I would have taken a proper picture of it on my plate but I ate it too quickly.

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