Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Who wants to help eat my kale?

I'm not joking. I've finished one bundle so far, and I bought FOUR. Actually, I bought three bundles of kale and one bundle of collard greens because I thought it was kale. Turns out it wasn't.

Kale chips, anyone? I think I'll make a huge batch of different flavors this weekend. But more on that later.

I am currently eating a delicious kale stir fry. But before we get to that, I've been wanting to share this all day:

That is exactly what you think it is: strawberry cobbler with a creamy Greek yogurt/cinnamon topping.

Perfect mid-afternoon winter snack. Or dessert. Whatever floats your boat.

Oh, did I mention it takes 3 minutes to make?

  • rolled oats
  • strawberries (I used frozen)
  • nonfat Greek yogurt
  • cinnamon
I made a really small portion because I was experimenting. I added about 6 strawberries and a few large tablespoons of oats to a bowl. I microwaved it for less than 2 minutes, until the strawberries became hot and gooey. 



Let's take another after look, shall we?

That's some slimy deliciousness right there.

I sprinkled some cinnamon onto two spoonfuls of Greek yogurt and swirled it so the yogurt was smooth. And then topped my cobbler with it!

Yum. Maybe next time I'll experiment with some more toppings.

For dinner, I made a colorful Asian-style stir fry.

I combined olive oil and coconut oil and threw in two cloves of garlic, lots of chopped kale, some mushrooms, and half of a red bell pepper.

Side note: When I was at Sunflower Market this weekend, I browsed through the frozen veggies section and found frozen mushrooms. FROZEN MUSHROOMS!!!

No more having to buy regular mushrooms and eat them all in one day.

I chopped up some extra firm tofu and put it into the pan.

Then I added soy sauce, rice vinegar, and black pepper, and covered the pan for a few minutes.

Quite lovely I must say! (And check out how much the kale shrank! Those crazy greens).


OSLiM said...

LOL what is kale!?!??!

OSLiM said...

Hah, I looked it up, interesting. What made you pick this? And how would you compare it to collard greens taste/texture wise?

Tulika said...

It's just another type of green! I chose it because I've been wanting to cook with it for awhile, and it was majorly on sale this weekend, so it was a good excuse to buy it!

Also, (I haven't had collards in awhile) but I'm pretty sure that the reason the two are different is because of texture...collards are smoother while kale is tougher. Taste-wise I think they're similar! But once I cook it i'll let you know for sure.

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