Thursday, July 14, 2011

Late Night Snacking: Breakfast Edition.

Back to that late night snacking debacle. 

But I have stories. I don't know which to start with! Snacking? Stories? S....omething?

Oh and the fact that I feel like I'm the only person in the world not going to see the Harry Potter movie tonight. This in no way represents my social life. FYI.

If you are anything like me, you're in love with breakfast foods. It doesn't end there. You're in love with breakfast foods and can eat them at any time of day. 

Anyone? Anyone?

So today, I'm going to give you a couple of late night snacking suggestions that are breakfasty in nature. 

Exhibit A:

Toast. But this isn't just any toast. It's toasted rye bread + coconut oil + honey. I would eat this for actual breakfast since it's super healthy, but something like this doesn't keep me full. Actually, it makes me hungrier. (Does that ever happen to you? You eat a small portion and your appetite revs itself in full gear? Anyone?).

I am seriously digressing. This is a perfect late night snack. Each component is full of nutrients (yup, even the honey!) and if you ask me, it's delicious. Also, if you don't have rye bread, any whole grain bread is perfectly nutritious as well.

Funny story about that rye bread. 

I went to Fresh & Easy yesterday for the first time in three years. I was so excited to do some exploring! [Side note: I tend to meander when I grocery shop.] Even though I had a list in my bag, I was checking items off of my mental list because I was far too engrossed in the cool items at the store. I finally went to the self check-out with about five items. As I was scanning the fifth item, I realized I had forgotten to get tofu! I tried desperately to cancel all of the items I'd scanned to go and find the tofu. (It was important because apparently tofu there is super cheap). 

The computer wouldn't let me cancel the items without the store log-in. One of the cashiers came to my scanner and said the computer would get confused if I took all the items out, so he said he'd wait there while I get my one item.

Did I mention I like to meander? I went to find the tofu and in the process, came across 75 cent rye bread. I couldn't believe my eyes, so I checked and double-checked the price. And yes, it was a normal sized loaf!! In the process I also came across some well-priced whole wheat pizza dough. Even cheaper than TJ's! So...about 10 minutes later, I came back to the scanner with a lot more items in my hand, and the cashier was still waiting there. I'm pretty sure he thought I was psychotic. 

But in the end, I got delicious rye bread with which I made this snack! Cool.

Exhibit B:

Cereal. I have a soft spot for cereal. A pretty ridiculous soft spot, in fact, that I can eat a thousand bowls of cereal at a time. It's a huge problem. I finally stumbled across my perfect solution: puffed grains. The above picture is of kamut, but there are a bunch of others available, including brown rice, wheat, and millet. Pour these puffed grains in a bowl with some (skim or non-dairy) milk and you have yourself the healthiest bowl of cereal! These bags are available in the cereal section at stores like Sprouts and Sunflower Market or other health food stores. 

Well, there you have it-- a couple more ideas to keep that late night appetite under control!

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