Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Soul searching and stuff.

I've had a few realizations in the past couple of days.

Ya know, since I've been soul searching and stuff. Not. I've been so busy, it's ridiculous. Don't ask what I've been doing...I don't really know either. But somehow, time flies. I guess I can't complain.

Realization #1: I really like yoga.

There was once a time when I didn't enjoy it. But I've changed, and boy, is it a workout! (If you do the right kind of class, that is). Yesterday, I did a yoga class that was on the Veria tv channel. Ever heard of Veria? It's a health and wellness channel--I recommend checking it out if you get the chance! Anyway, yoga never fails to work up my appetite to the extreme. 

Remember my recent post about motivation? One reason I like yoga is because it really keeps my motivation going. Sure, I can do the above pose, and this one:

...but one thing I really need work in is the hamstring department. It's pretty bad.

They. are. so. tight. And the more I practice, the better it gets. No lie! There was a time I couldn't touch my toes. And after practicing yoga a few times a week, I was able to do it. So satisfying to see results, as small as they may be!!

Realization #2: Baking in the summer in AZ is a terrible idea. 

I still haven't decided if it's because turning on the oven makes it hot, or because mixing the batter is hard work. Either way, I think I sweat so much today that I worked up an equally as ravenous an appetite as I did after my yoga sesh. Huh.

Realization #3: Kale chips. Make them.

These are the healthiest snack ever. I have quite a few kale chip recipes if you are new to the kale chip world! And just a warning...once you enter, there's no turning back. I know, it seems weird, but I've converted many a skeptic into a kale chip lover!! Plus, if you eat these, late night snacking = late night nutrition. YEAH!

TFG recommends: Scary additives found in common foods <--this article completely freaked me out. 

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