Sunday, July 17, 2011

A preview of coming attractions...

I have some cool stuff coming up within the next few weeks!!!

Unfortunately, it's not quite ready yet, but I do have a sneak peek blooper video for your amusement.

I can't help but crack up every time I watch this. I especially like the beginning of the video because we had no idea it had started recording. Fail.

So anyway! To round out late night snack week, I thought it would be only fitting to conclude with one of my favorite snacks.

Banana soft serve. Don't let the name deceive you!! It tastes nothing like bananas. In fact, it tastes just like ice cream. My parents can vouch for me. I converted them to the dark side...if dark side is synonymous with healthy!!!

This particular bowl was just a frozen banana (peeled + chopped banana placed in a bag in the freezer) blended with a few frozen strawberries and a splash of milk. It is completely nutritious and is the best snack if you're craving ice cream late at night.

See you tomorrow with a deeelicious recipe!

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