Saturday, September 3, 2011

Foodie finds.

I worked out for the first time in over a week, and guess what I did? Zumba! No better way to get acclimated in a new city than to dance around with people. The coolest part was that it was on a boardwalk, which was pretty awesome (and humid). But luckily nobody was judging my insane frizzy hair because everyone there was too worried/self-conscious about their dance moves. It worked out well.

I've been doing lots of exploring lately to get my bearings straight. Yesterday, I found a conveniently located smoothie shop right by a gym.

I usually prefer making my own smoothies, but I've only begun to stock my fridge with essentials. Plus, this particular smoothie included lots of interesting ingredients, including rice milk, protein powder, and turbinado sugar! Fancy.

Today, I went to check out the local farmer's market. Unfortunately it was a lot smaller than I imagined it would be. Fortunately, it was located right next to a health food store. Obviously I couldn't leave without stopping in. Obviously.

I came out with a few awesome foodie finds, including this:

An entire bottle of kombucha filled with CHIA SEEDS! I've really been missing my chia seeds lately, as I seriously cannot seem to find them anywhere here. This bottle was awesome. If you aren't familiar with kombucha, it's fermented tea that has tons of health benefits. While I find it delicious/refreshing, I know that it is definitely an acquired taste for others. 

While I can't find the typical foodie items I'd normally get (chia seeds, puffed grains, tempeh, etc), I must say that I've found lots of other stuff that is pretty cool. Like, for example, the tortilla selection. I've never seen tortillas like what I've seen here! 

If you're even remotely a follower of my blog, you know that I have this slight obsession with corn tortillas. I can't help it, even though I want to like whole wheat tortillas more. So I'm sure you can imagine my excitement upon discovering these tortillas made of corn and wheat! They have the taste of corn, but the satiety factor of wheat. The best of both worlds! I found these alongside a packet of cinnamon tortillas which I also ended up picking up. I'm planning on rolling them up with some almond butter for a quick snack in the near future. 

As for what I made with the corn+wheat tortillas, you'll have to stay tuned until tomorrow. You won't want to miss this one! But really, for all you meat eaters, this might be your next go-to vegetarian recipe :).

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