Monday, September 26, 2011

Hey there, punkin.

It's no secret that I enjoy making lists just for the sake of crossing stuff off the lists. Funnily enough, if I keep track of my to-do list in my head, it's less likely that I'll get it done. But when I write it down, I end up completing it just because I know I get to cross each task off.

Weird...I know. But it works! So this weekend, I made a workout list for the week.

I recently forgot about BodyRock and I'm sad that I did, because if you ask me, it is the most convenient way to workout. Each workout is 20 minutes or less but they really work you hard. (This is the one I did on Sunday). While I do BodyRock I just blast some fast-paced or super hardcore music on Pandora and 20 minutes later I'm drenched in sweat. Not a bad deal!

As for yoga, I've been following random youtube videos or doing just my own thing for the past few weeks. But last week, I bought a Groupon for some classes at a yoga studio. I love Groupon.

So...I promised you a themed post. Just promise me one thing...

Don't think of me as a cliche blogger!! Now that I've said that, you've probably guessed what ingredient this themed post is focused on.

PUMPKIN! (Even though you probably guessed from the title. Whatev).

I couldn't help it. Pumpkin recipes were popping up all over the place, and I wanted to join in on the fun. So I bought a large can of pureed pumpkin.

There are lots of ways to use pumpkin, but I really wanted to perfect a bowl of overnight pumpkin oats. (It's still too hot for hot oats and I hate sweating when I'm eating breakfast).

Oh and if you can't tell, most of the following pictures were taken when it was still dark outside. Yeah. I wake up at the crack of dawn. Actually, I wake up before the crack of dawn.

Pumpkin oats bowl #1:

The overnight bowl included pureed pumpkin, 1/2 cup oats, about 1 cup milk almond milk, and 1/2 tsp pumpkin pie spice. In the morning, I made some banana soft serve and scooped it on top of the oats. I like to call this pumpkin pie a la mode!

Pumpkin oats bowl #2:

The overnight preparation was the same as #1 with the addition of 1 tablespoon chia seeds. Also, instead of the pumpkin pie spice I used cinnamon. In the morning, I topped this bowl with almond butter. I was obviously trying to get some protein in this particular morning. Obviously.

Pumpkin oats bowl #3:

Same as #2, but this time I topped it with almond butter and plain yogurt. AND WE FOUND A WINNER!

I don't know why but I've suddenly become a fan of this pumpkin + yogurt combination. Ever since bowl #3, I've been eating overnight pumpkin oats topped with just plain yogurt. Every. Day. (Until I run out of pumpkin). I'll probably get sick of it soon.

Oh and then this weekend I made pumpkin french toast, just to switch things up a little. A girl needs some change in life.

How do you make pumpkin french toast, you ask? It's easier than you think. I mixed pumpkin puree with egg whites and a splash of milk, dipped the bread in that mixture, and heat it on the skillet until slightly crispy. And then topped the french toast with almond butter and maple syrup. Another winner!!

I just realized that I've been consuming a lot of orange lately.

Carrot juice. I will never get sick of my juicer!!

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