Sunday, October 31, 2010

Cabbage Bonanza!

I am in love with Sunflower Market. Going there makes me want to buy all the vegetables that are on sale (which happens to be all of the vegetables they have). But I refrained today, because I had already planned on (red) cabbage for this week.

Also, this morning, I learned about sunbutter from Namaste Gurl and coincidentally, while I was shopping today, I found none other than SUNBUTTER!!! Obviously, I had to buy it. (If you're wondering what sunbutter is, it's made out of sunflower seeds).

I think I might even like it more than almond butter. SB&J sandwiches for lunch, here I come! I don't think I'm EVER going back to eating veggie burgers. Ever. In my life. These seed/nut butters are way too tasty/filling/healthy in comparison to those ol' veggie burgers. Or maybe I'm just going through a phase.

I had a breakthrough in my 4 pack yesterday. It was visible for about half the day. (I am really thinking that the zumba class yesterday morning did it!) But I threw it all away by eating some really fatty foods last night. I feel pretty horrible about it.

Moving on to cabbage week!

Because I feel so horrible about last night's junk consumption, I decided that today is a salad day.

Red Cabbage Salad

I chopped some cabbage, one tomato, and some fresh parsley. I also added frozen corn.

For the dressing, I added red wine vinegar, lemon juice (I really like my salads sour!), salt, and pepper.

Happy Halloween everyone!!!

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Namaste gurl said...

Awwwwh gurl, I'm SO honored to be mentioned in your post. I LOVE that I inspired you to buy Sunbutter. Isn't is amazing? Such a great alternative to peanut butter. My fav is coconut butter and almond. Have you tried coconut butter (Artisana's is best)? :)

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