Monday, October 25, 2010

A (much better) sneak peek at Tulika's kickboxing class!

...And a mid-morning delicious, easy, hearty, and healthy (second) breakfast. Yes, I ate two breakfasts today. And lunch, and a snack, and dinner, and dessert.

Enough about my (ridiculously huge) appetite. I was really, really craving a pumpkin quinoa parfait that Alyssa showed me last week. Unfortunately, I don't have any canned pumpkin. So, I improvised a little, and made a much more elaborate parfait.

First, I mixed a small bowl of nonfat plain yogurt and half a scoop of vanilla flavored protein powder.

I decided to use some TJ's granola that I bought awhile ago and use only on rare occasions such as this.

Mmm...dried berries and whole grains!

The parfait layers:
  • yogurt concoction
  • granola
  • chia seeds
  • slightly thawed frozen peaches
  • homemade coconut butter
  • repeat.

But it seemed incomplete. Ah, yes. It needed something to top it off.

Date syrup to the rescue!

Needless to say, that parfait was gone in ~3 minutes.

Moving on!

I had lovely, awesome Liana record the turbo section of my class once again. I was determined to get a much better quality video this time. Thanks to Nirantha who let me borrow her cam! This video should not cause headaches like the last one did...

And again, if you are unable to view it here, check it out here via youtube!


OSLiM said...

Tubroka Turbolagopal!!

Dood, how are you guys so synched?? And where do you get back up dancers from?

Tulika said...

i do not have back up dancers (but i wish, hahaha). they are the dedicated students that come to my kickboxing class every week :) that's why they're so synched with me!

Anonymous said...

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