Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Hip-Shakin', Danceable Workout

This weekend, the rec had a fitness expo. Luckily, all of us group fitness instructors got to go for free!!! I only attended two classes: circuit and Bollywood. I should have attended more, but I had to make it to Phoenix for the Anberlin concert. (Which was AWESOME, by the way. I even purchased the most emo t-shirt they were selling).

Okay, so I've hated on Zumba and its lack of a sweat-breaking workout. But I'll admit, it's growing on me. This Bollywood class got me sold, though, on these dancing-workout hybrids. The instructor was AMAZING. Surprisingly, she was non-Indian, and I think this was the reason why she explained everything so well. She explained the basic movements and elements of Bollywood dancing, and then went on to teach us a Bollywood-fitness routine. It was really core based, similar to Zumba, but also an arm workout. That was the most surprising thing of all. The instructor had intensely muscular arms, and she said it was all due to just flexing her biceps whenever possible during these dance workouts.


The Bollywood style has a lot of arm lifting at 90 degrees (which is where the flexing comes in), a lot of rib isolation (amazing for obliques!), and squats. I add squats to everything these days. The burn that results is just too good. (I know, I know, who even enjoys the burn!? No one. I know.)

And we also used scarves during the bhangra song. Now THAT was fun. Combination of flailing scarves, shaking your hips, and jumping around? Count me in!

Fun times. Now I'm about to go to a Zumba class. This hip shakin' is really getting to me.

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