Monday, October 11, 2010

The Secret to Getting a 6 Pack.

Today as I was teaching my kickboxing class, I had a revelation.

People don't like to work hard when they work out. I know, this is ridiculous. You go to the gym for whatever reason: weight loss, muscle gain, or if you're like me, 6 pack gain (which is still at the 3.5, in case anybody was wondering).

But seriously, this revelation came to me during the ab work out. Actually, I should have had this revelation weeks ago, when halfway through the abs portion, half of the class was lying flat on the floor. Today, though, I made the abs part considerably easier! Instead of any sort of lower ab exercises (which people for SOME reason tend to hate), I decided to do some standing up exercises, such as twisting from side to side (abs contracted at all times!)

"Paddling" from side to side:

And straight up crunching.

These are fun. But I wasn't really feeling it. So I told the class to drop it and do some planks. We did some regular, and some with alternating leg lifts.

Okay, my form is not the best here, but this was the best picture I could get using self timer. Plus I took so many failed pictures of this pose that I actually was getting ab workout #2 today.

Anyway, during the standing up exercises, everyone was fine. The planks were another story. I don't think we were even holding it for that long, but I looked over and half of the people were lying there! Again!

Today I was looking up ab exercises, and I found a website that said "flat stomach in 7 seconds." What?! Basically, it was a breathing exercise that involved slight ab contractions. [silence].

But seriously, I also have read that planks (see above picture) are an amazing overall core workout. Most common ab exercises isolate the abs, but apparently working the back, obliques, AND abdominal area are most conducive to the 6 pack! I think it's time to incorporate more planks into the kickboxing routine...

Anyone have any ab workouts they'd like to share?

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