Monday, October 4, 2010

A failed (but rescued!) venture.

I realize it is Monday and I have not yet announced this week's theme. However, this week is a miscellaneous week for a couple of reasons.

1. My mom made me lots of lovely food. Hence, I am on a brief meal-cooking hiatus.
2. There will be a surprise later this week.

I get all sorts of cooking inspiration from Heather. I am addicted to her blog. For real.  One such item I was inspired to make was coconut butter. She made it seem so easy- just add shredded coconut to a food processor and blend away.

So I tried. And tried. And tried.

For a really long time.

All that happened was that the shredded coconut became powder. Some of it was clumped together, and looked somewhat like butter. A little. But as soon as I picked it up with a spoon, it became powder again.

My roommate, Alyssa, came in during this failed venture of mine. She always comes up with the best advice just when I need it! She suggested blending it with some almond butter. So I transferred the coconut powder into the big blender with less than a spoon of almond butter. The concoction that ensued was still heterogeneous. Then Alyssa suggested adding some milk. I thought it was a pretty ridiculous idea, because what once began as coconut butter was now beginning to seem a lot like a coconut milkshake.

But it worked.

And it made about 2 tablespoons. Sigh. I guess I just wanted the satisfaction of actually making the coconut butter, rather than being able to eat it for more than two snacks...

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