Monday, May 30, 2011

True Food.

TFG will soon return to its regularly scheduled programming.

This will be my last restaurant update for a long, long time. I'm going to get back to the usual TFG-style cooking this week.

But I had to update you on my weekend eating first!

To celebrate my birthday, I got together with some of my close friends for dinner at True Food Kitchen.

I first heard about this restaurant on Mama Pea's blog, and she raved about it. Deepa suggested we try it for my birthday, so of course I was ecstatic! It is definitely my type of restaurant.

The menu is vegetarian friendly and also offers several gluten-free dishes. The first entree that caught my eye was the Organic Ricotta Ravioli with kale pesto. However, after careful thought, I decided on the Panang Curry instead.

The dish included brown rice topped with a potato/carrot/broccoli/mushroom mixture in a Thai-like coconut sauce. This particular dish was huge, but I was disappointed when I saw that the dishes my friends had ordered were a lot smaller. Fortunately, the general consensus regarding the food was positive. Phew, good thing I have friends who appreciate healthy meals full of veggies!

It's been quite awhile since I've featured a veggie of the week. This week will be tomato week! And not just any tomatoes--tomatoes my dad grows in his garden. Local and organic! Represent.

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